6 definitions by eyjentjim

scriptural prophecy that is (was) fulfilled (finished, come to pass)
Fulfilled prophecy must be interpreted in harmony with the whole prophetic design of God.
by eyjentjim February 27, 2017
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1. go back to dust; decay
2. to cause to vanish
Be here now... live or disintegrate!
by eyjentjim February 28, 2017
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God's purpose of rewarding or punishing people for their deeds.
Are you expecting a divine visit? Work, you slug!
by eyjentjim February 28, 2017
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a casual storyteller, an aspiring writer, or a published author sharing fiction or nonfiction works on the Wattpad platform
You know you're a Wattpadder when you get excited over readers' comments and votes. Pfft!
by eyjentjim February 28, 2017
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caused by a buyrus, a mindless shopper
Olivar: Hey, it's Year-End Sale again at Target! They're buyral since yesterday. :D
by eyjentjim December 26, 2022
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1. pronounced 'dub'
2. for the good times
3. for the win
Wow, Bruce got first prize! That's a W!
by eyjentjim March 2, 2017
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