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The farting sound that occurs during sex, either from air being forced in and out of the vagina by the penis, or from the suction created from the moist sweaty skin of two people moving on top of each other.
I was screwing my girl last night, when all of a sudden her pussy started quiefing. Man, we had some fuction going on!
by Mr. Bubblehead March 23, 2005
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Irritation of the private areas due to the friction that occurs during "fucking"
After having sex with my boy friend, I experienced severe fuction!
by jesykalynne June 03, 2011
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The amount of pressure exerted by the pussy, tits, mouth, or ass on your cock while you're having sex. From Fuck + sUCTION.
Laura has great fuction!
by pentozali September 27, 2009
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Like fiction, however proper diction indicates a more widespread chaotic pattern of unreal events.
Billy Jo was spotted making out with her cousin. And to top it off, they were on the steps of the newly built church down on Main Street. Stranger than fuction, I say!
by Doug Hill June 27, 2007
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When a person or group performs a function and royally F!@#$ it up!

Etymology: UD for dumbsh!t move.
(Insert your department here) is performing quite the fuction with their new process.
by caribgirl August 07, 2008
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A situation, event or circumstance in which human beings of both sex are fully aware of how dangerous, unprofitable, illegal, fattening, stressful, for which there is no way out without suffering one of the previous implications or effects; however there is always a structural set of events that make it work for one trying to escape, making the following results; such as happiness, sex, profitable, proudness, positive learning, destressing ones state, making this word "Fuction" a combination of the formerly described Fucked, yet function.
by Scottynel April 18, 2018
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