63 definitions by Vince

doj (n)(v)-the act of sucking ones penis. putting ones lips around a penis and sucking. comes from the word job but fliped around never caps
1. give me a doj
2. doj me and fucking like it bitch
3. doj me
by Vince April 18, 2005
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A great place to rent games/movie. The home of no late fees!
Lets go rent some shit at Blockbuster.
by Vince January 30, 2005
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what in blue PHONG is that??

god that kid is such a phonggat!
by Vince March 13, 2004
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yo, come over to my place tonight, we are having a tv spontenza
by Vince August 25, 2004
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feet that smell really shitty, usually comes from wearing tennis shoes with sweaty feet and without socks
damn...nigga got arse feet
by Vince July 20, 2004
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a butt that when it moves up goes dadonk and on the way down it goes adonk.
by Vince January 7, 2003
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