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Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck
you hurt your leg, well DILLIGAF
by Vince March 03, 2004

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A living legend resident in the Surrey town of Guildford. She is often seen sitting on benches in a leopard print coat. She has long flowing white hair which matches her similarly long flowing white beard. She allegedly eats children but as of yet there is no solid evidence.
Tourist: Holy shit it's a woman with a beard!!
You: No thats the Guildford bearded lady you disrespectful fuck.
Tourist: Oh my god!! Where's my baby gone?!
by Vince September 27, 2004

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someone that you could easily fuck
oooh, that girl is so fuckable
by Vince March 25, 2003

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the worst mayor in the history of detroit. also known as the big scheme man.
why is downtown detroit so messed up?
look whos in charge.
by vince March 29, 2005

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A world of fantasy we enter in our dreams. Metallica sung about it in their hit single, Enter Sandman.
"Exit light, enter night,
Take my hand, we're off to NeverNever Land!"
by Vince May 17, 2004

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most talented boxer of all times
Im so fast that ast night when i went to bed I turned off the lights and I was in bed before the room got dark:Ali
by vince April 03, 2005

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the synonem for vagina;pussy
that girls coochie was all wet
by vince April 17, 2004

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