When you go for a number 2, wipe your ass and the toilet paper stays practically blank.
by olivierparis January 29, 2009
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Someone who is so unbelievably perfect that you can't use a real word to define them. You have to make up a fake word because nothing else works. Someone you fall in love with all over again once you see them, once you're around them, every single time. Going days without seeing them feels like years and sometimes it physically hurts to be apart. When every single little thing they do, you just absolutely love. Everything about them; their eyes, smile, teeth, lips, personality, laugh etc. Feeling happier than you ever have in your entire life, just from being around them. When you can be yourself; silly, retarded, weird; and they completely love you for it and act the same exact way. Accepting you for who you are. Being able to lose yourself while being around them. Falling so deeply in love that it gets hard to focus. Having insomnia like symptoms just from being away from them for too long. I don't know if any of this actually makes sense, but Hunter, I love you. And I did it :)
"Hunter you are my perfect perfection, now next time I say this word you cannot tell me it doesn't count because it's now in the dictionary. I win"
by blahblahhorseblah May 18, 2014
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Do you know what perfect means?

Of course I do! I know Christopher Bang!
by ily ♡︎ October 15, 2020
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Person 1: what is perfect?
Person 2: it's when someone is flawless in every way; walk,smile, beauty, personality

Person 3: actually, Perfect has no definition. It is not black, white, gay, straight, poor, rich, popular, or any label. It is your values. Funny, kind, loving, loved, happy. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Many people say perfect could be a beautiful, thin, white, tall girl, with a handsome boyfriend who is hot, with a muscular body, and they are rich and love each other a lot. To me, perfect is a stupid word. We are limited to how much about our life we can make our own. You can't choose to be what you think is pretty and not. You can't choose to be the skinny Indian kid, or the gay gymnast, or the popular blonde. You aren't always a stereotype. You could be an autistic person who passes with the best grades, or the black teen who donates to the homeless each weekend. You can be whatever you want, and that makes you perfect.
by TheDerpCake•_• December 24, 2014
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