5 definitions by XCrispyKFC

when a female is so damn ugly not even a divine intervention can enhance her nausiating physical appearance
by XCrispyKFC February 06, 2003
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to be under the influence of alcohal (drunk) and marijuana (baked) simultaneously
dude...i have no idea what my sexuality is right now but you look so fuckin hot because i'm DRAKED as a mofo!
by XCrispyKFC February 05, 2003
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when someone is not that attractive, but you are willing to submit yourself to having sex with them
she isn't anything to write home to mom and dad about...but she's FUCKABLE.
by XCrispyKFC February 06, 2003
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aka "the horny houdini" - done without wearing a condom (raw doggin it), while amidst sexual intercourse, the male fools the female into believing he hasn't emptied his seed inside her. Then, after holding back the expressions of ejaculation, pulls out and pretends to ejaculate all over her. With the already vast amount of love juices, the female is unbeknownst that she has just fell victim to the ILLUSIONAL ORGASM.
i was fuckin this girl last night, and she told me not to go inside her, but i did the ILLUSIONAL ORGASM and she fell for it!!
by XCrispyKFC February 06, 2003
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Master: "My Apprentice, i am not knowledgable about that sort of thing, please wait whilst i consult the mighty all-knowing CYREPTILIAN."
by XCrispyKFC February 06, 2003
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