Used when "facebook" seems to take ages to do stuff, like chatting or uploading photos etc
I couldnt chat on fuckbook last night, it was going too slow.

I tried to load up all my holiday photos, but fuckbook was messing me about.
by petersastar May 01, 2009
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An alternate name for Facebook when a slutty female decides to take trashy/clothless pictures in order to get 30+ likes. These unfortunate attention whores are usually bashed because of their trashy actions due to mental issues, attention seeking problems, and/or they were molested or raped as a child or fantasize about it. These type of people ruin Facebook. These type of people deserve no respect. Total scum -____-
Example 1: A girl who decides to put on a bikini and take pictures of her bare body to seek the wrong kind of attention.

Example 2: A girl who poses in a slutty/trashy way, almost like a porn star or worse.



*Alex browses through Facebook and spots a picture of a girl who is 99% naked*

Alex: Wtf? Dude, this chick needs to put some clothes on. This is Facebook, not Fuckbook. If I wanted to see porn, I'd go to Spankwire!
by MrStud May 22, 2011
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Any book or magazine that contains erotically stimulating material.
Joey was looking at his favorite fuckbook, a photo album, jerking off to photos of his girlfriends, and he roped all over the place in no time!
by pentozali May 10, 2009
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The act of placing one's penis inside of a book and moving it back until achieving ejaculation. The late works of Dostoevski are suggested for this act.
Shit mother fucker, I'm bout to get my fuck books on at the Barnes & Noble
by Douche Bags McGee August 17, 2008
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Works just like Facebook, but it’s where people go when they want to see pictures of people having sex on the internet, which is the same as fucking
I just went on Fuckbook today and saw two people fucking each other, it looked loke they were having sex
by Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 09, 2018
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A Facebook-Inspired website designed for online sex
I hope you have a fuckbook account cause’ they’re lot of pretty girls out there
by Fortnite1500 April 19, 2019
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