Generally a fag (gay), always rejected by society; fun thing to call people in order to offend them
Look at that bitch, walking around like a fucking fruitcake.
by Weebstar's Dicktionairy December 11, 2016
1. A cake, with fruit inside
2. A homosexual (Usually Male)
3. An idiot
Tony: Your mother’s fruitcake was pretty good, Joe.
Joe: Thanks man!

Rocco: Hey, did you see that fruitcake in the mall today?
Marco: Yeah! That’s some nasty s**t!

Gino: Hey Pete, stop being a fruitcake, and get to work.
Pete: Kiss my a** Gino.
by Ron Willcox March 8, 2012
The product of defecating into a decorative tin and sending it to an unsavory or estranged family member for Christmas.
I haven't seen my sister in years, so this Christmas, I'll send her a Mexican Fruitcake.
by Skidmark4 September 14, 2010
A fruitcake made by a raving bald-headed queen from West Bridgford during a break in an all-day session of World of Gay Warcraft.
What's that foul stench coming from the kitchen, Dad?

Its that bender making some more gay food. I'm gonna take a dump on Baldie's Fruitcake tonight.
by Twaggy Smidgekin October 11, 2010
A woman who turns men gay.
Person 1: She turned all her boyfriends gay.

Person 2: They're all fruitcakes now?

Person 1: Yeah, she's the fruitcake baker or something.
by byegye May 25, 2009
A Fruitcake made with small glass shards; not a very nice thing to give out to small children
Lucy is such a whore, I'm going to make her a sadist fruitcake!

looks like mom whipped up some sadist fruitcake for the in-laws
by BlurredIndigo June 10, 2007
a slut who is annoying and uses way to much tanner and has kissed more girls than guys and claims shes straight.
oh my god look!
it's the butch fruitcake...
oh shit.. everyone run and hide
by mhamilton July 2, 2010