when you go out for wendy's with your girl but get head instead
girl: can we get wendy's
guy: if you give me a frosty
by abrixna September 30, 2019
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verb. to be getting high, or being high. noun. frotsyness is weed.
bro we got some sick frostyness last night, and then get got mad frosty from it.
by Vito October 28, 2007
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Adjective: An unfortunately white person, usually female. Likes to think dancing is a sport, and when flash on a camera is used you cannot see her. She has the abilities to blend in with white walls and paper.

She is most likely frightened to go out in the snow, since you will lose her and is also terrified of the sun, a frosty might get burned. To avoid this she likes to eat sunscreen.

Some might mistake our Frosty girl for an albino, but she is not. She is beautiful in every way.

**Her real name usually begins with a C and ends with a LAIRE**
"Did you see claire the other day?" person 1
"Yeah, I love Frosty!" person 2

Also reffered to as:
White Bitch
Frost Queen
by Clairistine Widicmino January 08, 2011
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Depending on usage can be Proper Noun, Noun, Adjective or Verb. A reference to a big time pimp. Cold on hoes.
I had to get Frosty on that hoe. Frosty J is cold on dem hoes.
by Frosty J June 22, 2007
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When something is extremely cool that there are no other words to describe it so you say frosty.

Really sick

Very totally radical
george: dude i just colored my driveway black!
steve: yo homie its already black!
george: oh damn straight!
steve: your so totally not frosty
by littleboy&friends June 09, 2009
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