When a person displays acts of poutyness, jealousy, sudden burst of anger, quietness, and has a negetive outlook of the situation at hand.
Danny was FROSTY at papa rocks tonight because a friend was jaggen em off.
by Daryl and Talon August 25, 2007
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A newcomer to the G-Run hierarchy. What you are when you first start coming on Fridays for the first 3 months.
"So what are you?"

"A frosty."

"Fuck that, I'm a mall rat."
by PaulynVonGore August 19, 2008
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a degree above cool, surpasses cool
These new jeans as so "Frosty".
by Petrovia Hassan December 16, 2009
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Iced-out females. Typical rich-bitch chicks with enough ice (I mean blingin!) to freeze out any average playa. Close relative to the gold digger (sometimes one and the same), frostys are known for their extreme sexiness and shallow personalities. As they are not the brightest of female species, they have also been refered to as frosted flakes (best to eat right out of the box!). Frosty bitches can be found at any trendy local shopping center, tanning salon, or nightclub baller spot. WARNING: High Maintenance. May cause extreme wallet damage.
Yo, this frosty is fine, but, without tha ice, and the Gucci, and the beauty treatments, and the plastic surgery, she's just another drip.
by JSwivel May 03, 2006
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Can mean a lot of things. Like cool, awesome, great, weird, strange, bad, hot, or sexy and can be used for, whoa.
*car crash
"that's frosty" or "d*** dat s*** frosty"

* hot girl walks by
"she frosty"

"hey wanna go base jump without a parachute?"

"oh yeah man that's frosty"

"I got beer!"
"frosty bro!"
by businessonly August 01, 2014
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when you go out for wendy's with your girl but get head instead
girl: can we get wendy's
guy: if you give me a frosty
by abrixna September 30, 2019
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