Having your dick sucked by a girl with ice in her mouth. Believe me its a cool one.
Holy shit man! Ashleigh gave me a frosty last night!

- Whats a frosty?

_Scroll up dipshit.
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1. Kind, Sweet Girl
2. Cool and Chill
3. Smooth
4. Shy And Bright
6. Freezing

7. A person who loves the cold
8. Cute and kawaii
Girl: Hey Guys!

Boy: Hey!!!
Boy 2: Dang... She's Pretty Frosty
Boy: Heh yup... so cute...
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by Frosty Dat fox January 11, 2017
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When your girl is giving you head you put ice in her mouth. Once you cum in her mouth hit her on the top of the head forcing her to bite down on the ice and cum mixture creating a liquid similar to a Wendy's Frosty.
I convinced my girl to give me head with ice in her mouth and she didn't even expect what was coming, FROSTY, but she wouldn't swallow.
by Tarker October 11, 2008
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to be above the rest; a higher level of "cool". oftenly used in Oregon mainly in metro areas. first used in a song called hah doin' by jerry and lil tone from jc records - http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=295490433
-thats shit was frosty!
-man, you cant fuck with me im a frostologist!
by frosty carrill February 06, 2009
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Los Angeleno slang for beers of any kind, cold or otherwise.
"hey do you have any frosties or should i pick some up?" Asked Jamal
by AndyFox1979 July 26, 2007
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Paul: Take a seat on my new bed
James: Screw you man, that beds got some frosty's, you need to clean up man!
by pallant25 October 01, 2007
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