Frolf is a common nickname for disc golf; a disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc into a basket or at a target.
Jason: Dude lets go frolf!

Chris: Alright dude, meet me at the park later.
by jh64 May 31, 2009
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When a man dips his balls into a woman's vagina then rest his nuts on her nose while she licks his choad.
I plan on frolfing my girl tonight... Good thing she's freaky!
by The For Finger Frolf May 8, 2009
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Frolf is a term used to describe the cause of a computer and/or car problem. Also used as slang for the word "fuck" when appropriate.
My computer has been frolfed!! I just got frolfed up the ass. Blunt just frolfed oilleak.
by Eric August 27, 2004
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A word that is a mix of two (Frisbee and Golf). Often used as a verb and other parts of speech in substitution for another word.
"Dude I frolfed that chick last night!"
"Are you frolfing me?"
"Why the frolf would I be frolfing to you?"
by thepilotboy February 3, 2010
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frisbe golf
mostly played by trendster/ antitrendsters and hippies also retro and or art fags participate in the high adrenaline intense game that frolf is
Frolf 18 baskets(?) of PUR3 madness
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n. a slang term for frisbee golf uncommonly known in most parts of the country; often used by slick bikers in Traverse City named Meagan.
(v. frolfing)
v. Hey, you wanna go frolfing?
Yea, just let me go stick these tassels on my bike first!
by That pastey white girl August 8, 2005
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