Also known as frisbee golf, fris dylan, or disc golf. Its the signal or excuse to go smoke weed
by Magic Money Maker September 19, 2011
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Frolf (ケロフ) is a golf-like game that is played with frogs. The frog sits on a small catapult, which the player hits with a hammer to send the frog flying into the air. The objective is to earn the most points possible by landing the frog in the course's hole in the quickest time. Players can gain or lose points by sending their frogs through various obstacles throughout the levels.
Frolf was first introduced in Kero Kero King (ケロケロキング) which was released only in Japan in 2000 for the PlayStation. Frolf was imported to North America and Europe in 2004 when Ribbit King was released for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2.
Scooter: I challenge you to a game of frolf!
by Mac-n-Weenies July 8, 2019
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Hey dude lets go frolf.

Why do you call it frolf, bro. That's gay. Call it disc golf.
by jmunozzzzz April 2, 2016
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A term for drinking alcohol or getting drunk. Similar to the term Frisbee, or getting high. Frolf, or Frisbee golf, is very similar to Frisbee, much like getting high is very similar to getting drunk.
"Hey, dude. Did you get frolfed last Friday?"
"Fuck yeah. I think had at least five beers, bro."
by DumbLookinAss May 22, 2016
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