Also known as frolf. Its golf with a frisbee.
I have no dea how to play frisbee golf or frolf.
by Blind_assassin September 27, 2005
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also known as "frolf." A common sport for bros and frat buddies.

Also used by really dirt poor bored friends. Being as it only costs around 7 dollars for a frisbee that you can use over and over again. Playing is usually free.
Hey Chad! Wanna bro out and play some frisbee golf!?
by Marv the sticky bandit December 5, 2008
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A kind of frisbee golf where there's no whining about sucker punches, elbows, knees, or kicks. Hitting somebody in the face with a frisbee is a hole in one, and if their glasses shatter, you get points taken off your score to make it even lower.
Jonas succumbed to his injuries on hole 18 after a particularly rough round of Full contact frisbee golf.
by Solid Mantis January 30, 2021
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