Where ALL the indie/hipsters in Michigan live.
While walking down the street in Traverse City, you will pass multiple people with polaroid cameras, hula hoops on their shoulders, goodwill sweaters, TOMS, and they will be talking about music and tumblr. No joke.
by seventeenowls April 30, 2011
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A smaller town in Upper Northern Michigan lying right on the Grand Traverse Bay. Tourists are attracted here during the National Cherry Festival, which is during the cherry season in July each year for one week.Traverse City is a wonderful place to go to the beach, hang out and enjoy your life.
The cherries grown in Traverse City are absolutely delicious!
by RachaelO July 16, 2006
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When two males stand face to face, looking in each other’s eyes, mush the heads of their fully-erect penis’s together. One male (usually a submissive), grabs the other penis at the base and begins to stroke the full shaft from that base to his own base in complete long strokes. Much like the LED eyes along the front of the kit car from the vehicle on Knight Rider.

Ideally, both parties will want to ejaculate at the same time. Whomever the semen enters first, becomes the submissive on the next go-around.
My partner and I agreed to settle the dispute with a Traverse City Hasselhoff.
by TDSMTD August 17, 2019
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A little city in Michigan. It’s a good place to have a nice vacation. Has many little shops and cool food. Grand Traverse Bay is amazing too.
Mom: where do you want to go for vacation?
Son: Traverse City, Michigan
by Octavia_100 February 20, 2019
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Sticking an M-80 into a virgin's pussy and lighting it.
It was a miracle that the secretary survived both a Lansing Mail Bomb and a Traverse City Cherry Bomb.
by BGTV March 24, 2019
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When you (man) or your female partner vomit in the women’s vagina and the man trots his penis in and out of the vagina.
Traverse city turkey trot. Chunky vomit from a long night of drinking blown in to your partners vagina. This can be used for men and men using anal.
by Dabyshiznit April 23, 2021
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Either the best or the worst high school you’ve ever heard of/been to. In contrast to the other school in town, Traverse City Central, it is the best (Central sucks). Known for having the best student section in the state of Michigan, adequate sports teams, and “Bring Your Tractor to School Day”.
Person 1: Why were there so many tractors on Silver Lake Road this morning?
Person 2: Must have been Bring Your Tractor to School Day up at Traverse City West.
by dayoop April 5, 2022
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