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place inside all of us where we are all happy and get the warm fuzzies. our happy places are insulated from the shitheads that make up just about everyone we encounter.
i'm in my happy place and i'm not mad at the world anymore!
by unusu-al June 11, 2004
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test written solely for the purpose of making jr's and sr's in highschool miserable. has caused an entire industry focused around preparation (economic multiplier, perhaps?).

all the good colleges want to see perfect 1600s. because they suck. whoever invented the sat should be drowned in his/her own viscous slime.
holy shit i have to do good on the sat or im fucked because i'm a typical teenager who needs not know all sorts of fancy words.
by unusu-al March 9, 2004
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someone that is learning-oriented. someday us nerds will take over and all will be cool.
you get straight a+'s? you must be a nerd.
by unusu-al May 10, 2003
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a modern (early 1900s) music style characterized by syncopation and dissonance.

contrary to popular belief, jazz is NOT playing any note with any chord. any note played with any chord can be explained. even if it is inexplicable, it just sounds good, which is what's really important.

the cool thing about jazz is that you learn all the rules and guidelines which apply to all the other genres...then you get to break them.
giant steps, though confusing and ultimately dissonant, is a jazz standard.
by unusu-al January 21, 2005
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there are 2 classifications of hacker. the first is one who is innocent in his/her actions - not really destroying computers, but rather just having an extreme interest in computers. the second kind is malicious and likes to attack poor, harmless computers.
1. he's a hacker cos he spends 28 hours a day on his box
2. man, a hacker just gave me a trojan so now he's got all my vital info
by unusu-al May 10, 2003
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one drug in the ssri (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) family of antidepressents. others include paxil, effexor, prozac, luvox, etc.

ssri's have *supposedly* been linked to suicides in teens. but i'm still alive and not feeling remotely depressed. though i think that therapy is working better than zoloft.

any side effects are usually gastrointestinal (i.e., throwing up, hershey squirts, etc.). but that is rare.

the emblem of zoloft is a little emotional hard-boiled egg that hops around chasing butterflies when he's happy. my friends insist he's just a ball, but i ask you, have you ever seen an oval ball?
the lil zoloft egg was depressed before he took zoloft, but now he likes chasing butterflies.
by unusu-al August 31, 2004
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one of the 2 most commonly used words in the english language (the other is um)

this can also be used when searching for the right word
reporter: santa, how much do you pay your elves?

santa: uh...well we...uh
by unusu-al December 7, 2003
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