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a gui that has too damn many bright colours
bill: bah look at that gui it looks like angry fruit salad
pill: ya its 2 colorful
by unusu-al September 13, 2003
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i think it means like something unfortunate that evokes negative emotion
its so tragic that pink floyd isnt touring anymore
by unusu-al July 20, 2003
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scooter that needs 2 cost less.

a scooter that balances itself...wtf! lol
by unusu-al December 7, 2003
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probably the most neglected pink floyd guy besides nick mason (the drummer who doesn't write many songs on the albums i have).

syd helped start pink floyd. he was a brilliant guitarist and was very experimental about many things - playing techniques, lighting, effect pedals, and, unfortunately, drugs.

syd had a mental disability (schizophrenia?) and acid only made things worse. by the time he was released from the band, he was not able to interact with the group anymore. for example, he wouldn't sing the same words or play the same riff more than once.

syd was gradually replaced by david gilmour (around the 1968 album "ummagumma"). he has been recently diagnosed as diabetic, but otherwise he is doing fine, having a bonfire now and then in the garden, and painting from time to time.
shine on you crazy diamond is a 9-part song dedicated to the rock legacy of syd barrett
by unusu-al October 4, 2004
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a worldwide fast food restaurant chain. they are most always conveniently located every few miles or so. very handy when going on humungous day long drives across the country.

unfortunately, while they are convenient they have very lacking sanitation. flies landing on food and shitting on it so you can eat diseased dog shit. cleaning 20 tables with one filthy rag.
ugh i think a piece of shit fell from the ceiling
by unusu-al February 8, 2004
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probably the only famous song war wrote
its got a mean bass line to it :D
by unusu-al March 9, 2004
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someone that is learning-oriented. someday us nerds will take over and all will be cool.
you get straight a+'s? you must be a nerd.
by unusu-al May 10, 2003
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