a friendly way to desribe friends with giant eyes that pop out of their skull.
WOW, Ben has really big cow eyes!
by m.and.m.SS January 1, 2009
lily : damn girl how did you get past your dad in that skirt !?!?

amber : hehe i just said daddy pleaseeeeee and threw him the cow eyes

lily : haha works every time!
by baby_jane September 26, 2006
the act of intentionally lowering one's eyelids halfway (in a cow-like manner) when looking upon someone with boredom, anger, or disgust
"oh my god history class was so boring today"
"yeah it gave me the biggest cow eyes"

"have you tried talking to that new girl?"
"yeah but she just did cow eyes at me and walked away"
by cameron & niamh August 29, 2006
A cow eye is the "over-the-shoulder look" you receive from a female partner during doggie-style vaginal sex, by surprising her with anal intercourse without prior notice.
I thought she was loose banging her doggie-style, so I stuck it in her ass, unannounced. She gave me the "cow eye".
by Elliott01 September 15, 2006
How a females eyes look when she attempts to look in the eyes of the person she is giving a blow job.
Don't give me cow eyes, watch what you're doing.
by mssiege November 15, 2009
When a man loves a woman they do a sweet thing called making love. Although to consemate such actions a bj may be demanded by the greedy lover (man), now a cow eye is when cum is shot into eye of the poor unsuspecting girl.
by Nina August 4, 2005
A word describing a male with a large head who also has large eyes that extend from his face, looking like a cow.
The Needhams have moo-cow eyes.
by chris January 21, 2005