(Noun) a pair of breasts with a lot of freckles on them
That girl has some big fritties.
Put a bra on, you have some awful fritties.
Tonya has some pancake fritties.
by Drewski8incha July 19, 2009
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An adjective used to describe someone who is that of great ghettoness.
by Jamanda November 3, 2007
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To be extremely messed up on benadryl after taking 10-30 pills, creating an uncomfortable, cheap high.

Similiar terms: high, stoned, etc.
Dustin: Dude, I feel so fritty.
James: You mean fruity?
Dustin: Isn't that what I said?
James: No, you said fritty.
Dustin: Whatever man, I'm fucked up.

Hey, let's get fritty before school.

by JSobe February 27, 2009
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Possessing a texture similar in nature to monkey brain.
This custard topped jello sure is fritty.
by Gulliver Foyle April 1, 2005
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P Fritty is an oval black and white bumper sticker that was printed and sold to help raise awareness about the horrific and everlasting effects of random acts of violence.

Patrick A. Frye, nick named 'P Fritty' in middle school, was murdered, by a woman he had never met, on October 27, 2007. He lived just 20 years, 4 months and 7 days....20. 4. 7. He was born in Colombia, South America and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts.

His large family and countless friends deeply miss him, his beautiful smile and his fierce loyalty, 24/7! The money raised from the sale of these stickers supports the Patrick A. Frye Memorial Fund which provides scholarships to high school students and assistance to needy people. The goal of the stickers is also to promote peace by keeping his name in the public eye.
P Fritt, Fritty, Pat Frye, Paddy Frye, Patrick Frye, P Fritty
by The Red Teapot September 5, 2010
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A girl or boy whose nipples contain freckles on them. Usually a girl.
Eric Mallow and Dustin Jenson have Fritty Tittys.
by Nipple Crabler June 11, 2009
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eyes that are naturally beautiful, pretty, or simply seductive.
"man that bec bird has well fritty pies"
by 3az October 28, 2007
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