A dirty fuckin city where everyone either smells like ass, you can find drugs on the preschool playground, guns in bushes, and smoochies after school

highlands: its dirty, everyone is crazy, you can buy or sell a gun or drugs, whole lotta gang shit going on, and full of asians, hispanics, and some blacks
acre: where you will find everything i listed in for the highlands but worse
pawtucketville: mostly full of rich snobby kids that try to act hard and get their ass kicked by guys from back central, highlands, acre, or centerville

centerville equally as bad as highlands and acre but more shooting and fights than anything else
south lowell: ghetto but not as ghetto as the acre, highlands and the villie
downtown: home to the crackheads, homeless people, and Lowell high school where you can find anything from the smoochies, drugs, and gangs to a half assed education u will forget after senior year
back central: we dont talk about back central, just know its scary there
belvidere: the closer it is to dt the more ghetto it gets

noteable gangs:
theres more but i dont care too much to add them here
person 1: Lowell, Massachusetts fucking sucks

person 2: on god it does
by 978.IPAR September 3, 2022
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