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the protoypical being ( perfect ) . You cannot get better than a jenson.
Girl: was the guy you slept with a jenson ?
Girl 2: No one will ever be as good as he was.
by Raddai March 31, 2008
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a guy who is addicted to xbox and memes. Doesn't want the pussy, just some quality memes
"Ayyyy bro you're such a jenson!"
by iwasheretodayok May 08, 2018
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The most beautiful sweet cute caring girl in the world who is hands down by far the prettiest and sweetest, she be a model with those killer looks, absolutely stunning and perfect, the sweetest sweetheart ever.
Damn jenson truly is the most amazing girl to ever be alive on this earth , every girl should want to be like jenson because she’s the prettiest and sweetest .
by Greg w April 04, 2018
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If your a jenson,
I’m sorry
A Jenson is a massive loser who is completely manipulative and oblivious to pretty much anything around them. They are determined to be an “‘ard lad”. A Jenson is a nice guy until they do a sport like boxing because then they will become a massive tool and think there better then anyone else.
Guy1 - hey who’s that guy over there
Guy2 - oh that’s Jenson

Guy2 - what a loser
by Ben1071 November 04, 2018
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