Universal measurements of American awesomeness. It encompasses all types of units (temperature, length, area, volume, speed, weight, GDP, etc).
It is going to be a hot 101° Freedom units outside today.
by Emyrs June 16, 2015
The measurement that stupid Americans use instead of using the way superior metric/celsius systems
Fuck the freedom units and all people that think its better than NORMAL FUCKING SYSTEMS
by ChangHongChing2002 September 2, 2018
A jingoistic way of describing Imperial Units of Measurement. As Imperial units are used by the USA, Myanmar and Liberia, American's have jokingly decided that it's 'Freedom' to use the outdated system. (As opposed to metric)
Nah, using metric is toodifficult. Why have have everything divided into ten when you can use Freedom Units? 12 inches to a foot, 3 feet to a yard, 22 yards to a chain, 10 chains to a furlong, 8 furlongs to a mile and 3 miles to a league. See, perfect makes sense.
by KittenJuggler May 20, 2019
A freedom unit is the standard length of a AR-15 (14'' - 20'')
Hey Mike! How big is your house?
Its about 5000 freedom units.
by Subnauticaboss February 15, 2022
A game released by Capcom on June 23rd, 2009 on the PlayStation Portable. It is an expansion to the original Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and was released on March 27, 2008 in Japan as "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G"

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has more missions, equipment, and monsters than Monster Hunter Freedom 2. A new feature is a Felyne fighter to help you on your quests. You can also get Rarity 9 and 10 armor and weapons. In addition, the player can now hold up to 99 of each item type in his/her box, store up to 20 equipment sets, and get ten equipment pages instead of six. A new type of quest, the "Epic Hunting Quest", will be introduced, which will enable the hunter to take on, one by one, up to 4 different monsters in one quest, as shown in the released demo. Weapons can now have up to purple sharpness which is higher than white sharpness. You can now accept HR 7-9 quests in the gathering hall and new elder quests outside the gathering hall near the village elder.
Guy 1:Still playing MHF2?
Guy 2:Yeah why?
Guy 1:You can port your charactor into the new game!
*Hands him Monster Hunter Freedom Unite*
Guy 2:Holy crap! Epic win!
by RawrItsPanda October 20, 2009
A game for the PSP so stupid it doesn't tell you what anything does so you have to look everything up. Also makes you take so long to get your hit rating up. Warning: Might cause suicidal thoughts or broken PSP.
1: Dude I broke my PSP
2: What? How? What Happened?
1: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite happened.
by Zeide October 20, 2009