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The only country that sounds good as a place's name, as well as a Pokemon's.
"Go Myanmar! Use Quick Attack on Bangladesh! Flame Thrower to Human Rights! Defense Curl on that Opium!"

"Myanmar! Myan! Myan! Mar!"
by Kaimatten March 23, 2010
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a country that is not named burma, regardless of what some nations say. myanmar was originally burma, a once proud kingdom that fell to the british and was a colony til the wwii era. it experimented with democracy, but american actions in vietnam drove this country toward communism in the 1970s, which evolved in the 1990s into a corporatist military junta. myanmar is a very efficient military state that has fended off countless coups. however, it is one of the world's 2 'secret societies,' along with north korea. foreigners are rarely admitted and no one really knows the power structure of the gov't.
myanmar is the focus of u2's famous song 'walk on,' which references political prisoner aung san suu kyi, a democracy activist.
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
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Natives or citizens of Myanmar.
(Formerly used as 'Burmese')
Most Myanmars are conservative people.
Most Burmese are conservative people.
by stevenhtut November 23, 2017
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Another word for 'me and my'. Also the name of a country that is often called Burma, which is another word for 'burn my'.
Myanmar dog went to the park to go lick myanmar uncle's balls. Myanmar toungue got a good workout when I sugondese balls. Myanmar shirt got stained, so I burma shirt.
by SliceofJesus September 10, 2018
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