National loose your virginity day! Go wild and loose that V-card on June 23rd.
Oh hey it’s june 23rd!”
“OMG wanna come over later ;)”
“Ofc it’s national loose ur v day :)”
by Virginity God November 4, 2019
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On June 23rd anyone can ask out their crush...but their crush isn’t allowed to say no
Girl:Hey today is June 23rd, that means I can ask out my crush today!
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National Marimo Jinguuji Day, not to be confused with Marimo Jinguuji's birthday(Aug 10th).
Person 1 - "Hey, it's June 23rd, I should go and spread the word of Marimo."
Person 2 - "Don't you do that everyday anyways?"
by Quackin_Duckling September 25, 2023
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National chrisfunky day on this day everyone has to worship him and celebrate his birthday
Person 1:hey its june 23rd!

Person 2: oh yeah! Worship chrisfunky!
by Chrisfunky May 24, 2021
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International Angel Olson day. Throw on some All Mirrors and cry.
“Yo, tomorrows June 23rd... I might have to take the day off so I can go thru some shit
by Angel Gaybriel October 15, 2019
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The day my new song is gonna come out with some of my friends!! Coming soon guys! Glad to celebrate our 10th together ❤️❤️
June 23rd is the day my new song will come out with a few of my old, but close friends
by cuocuo May 12, 2020
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