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A jingoistic way of describing Imperial Units of Measurement. As Imperial units are used by the USA, Myanmar and Liberia, American's have jokingly decided that it's 'Freedom' to use the outdated system. (As opposed to metric)
Nah, using metric is toodifficult. Why have have everything divided into ten when you can use Freedom Units? 12 inches to a foot, 3 feet to a yard, 22 yards to a chain, 10 chains to a furlong, 8 furlongs to a mile and 3 miles to a league. See, perfect makes sense.
by KittenJuggler May 20, 2019
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A coward / liar. Someone who comes up with poor excuses.

Comes from Durham England. Derives from the 1569 Rebellion when Sir George Bowes refused to leave Barnard Castle to engage in battle.
"Kevin reckons he's not allowed to go out on the lash tonight because of his knee. That's a bit barney castle."
by KittenJuggler May 26, 2020
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An attempt by anti-gay right's activists and Neo-Nazis to further marginalise Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transgender persons. The name Super Straight is a joke (SS) and their alleged flag is another far-right reference.
Person A: Hey I'm Super Straight
Person B: Hey, do you mean you're straight or your so straight you're anti-gay?
Person A: Uhm what
Person B: SS?
Person A: Damnit, Nazis ruin everything.
by KittenJuggler March 8, 2021
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A fruitless task, caused by confusion and miscommunication. A more modern version of the term 'Chinese Fire Drill'. Imagine a team of muppets trying to put out a fire. They form a bucket chain, but the due to miscommunication, the bucket of water never reaches the fire and is instead passed round in a huge circle while the fire rages on.
This project is pointless, no one seems to know what they're meant to do. It's a reall Muppet Fire Drill.
by KittenJuggler June 10, 2022
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