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A song that appeared on the PlayStation 2 game Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2.

It is a remix of Beethoven's "Fur Elise" with happy-tone lyrics sung by a cute Japanese girl. Also one of the best songs in the game.
Guy 1:What's your favorite DDR song?
by RawrItsPanda October 20, 2009
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A removable flash memory card for such devices as digital cameras, laptops, the Sony PlayStation Portable, to aid assistance in holding music, games, photos, videos, ect.

File storage sizes range from 32 MB storage to 32 GB.
Guy 1: Check out my 32 MB memory stick!
Guy 2: Check out MY 32 GB memory stick!
Guy 1: ...You're an ass...
by RawrItsPanda November 7, 2009
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A PlayStation 2 game released on January 21st, 2001. Sequel to "PaRappa the Rapper", it's PlayStation predecessor.

The story line centers on PaRappa, a young puppy, who has recently won a hundred years supply of noodles and has grown tired of eating them. PaRappa's girlfriend, Sunny Funny, offers to make him dinner one evening and he gladly accepts. However, when she serves him noodles, PaRappa throws a tantrum, leaving Sunny Funny to call him a baby. To prove to Sunny Funny that he is not immature, PaRappa seeks to complete a number of tasks, such as getting a job at a Beard Burger restaurant or working out to Chop Chop Master Onion's romantic fitness television program.
The plot continues to become more bizarre as the story ensues and it is slowly revealed that all of the food in town is being turned into noodles by a military dictator. He and his friends get shrunk by his father's invention, so he helps coach them back to normal size with the help of Guru Ant. PaRappa gets drafted into the army and must complete a military boot camp training course with Instructor Moosesha.
PaRappa confronts the inconsiderate Colonel Noodle. The Colonel turns out to be Beard Burger Master's son, who has become sick of eating burgers. PaRappa convinces him that noodles aren't the only food around. The game ends with a final party with returning hip-hop master MC King Kong Mushi, and PaRappa learns that Sunny Funny already likes him the way he is.
Guy 1:I just beat PaRappa the Rapper, now what?
Guy 2:Here! *Hands him PaRappa the Rapper 2*

5 Hours Later...

by RawrItsPanda October 20, 2009
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Limecat's brother (Not literally, they're in no way related except by meme terms).

A cat, except with a lemon placed on top of it's head.
Deffinately not as popular as Limecat.
Guy 1: Did you see Limecat?
Guy 2: Yeah.
Guy 1: Did you see Lemoncat?
Guy 2: WTF?
by RawrItsPanda October 2, 2009
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One of the best Sega Genesis games ever made.

A side scrolling adventure game, with over 100 levels, it's almost impossible to complete without using cheat codes. Possibly one of the hardest games of all time.

You play as a kid, trapped inside a video game. You have to make it to the end and destroy the final boss, who has captured you, and won't let you out until you do so. On the way, you'll go through forests, caves, arctic tundras, deserts, and towers in the sky.
Guy 1:Did you ever play Kid Chameleon?
Guy 2:Nope.
Guy 1:Here you go.

5 hours later.

by RawrItsPanda October 2, 2009
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Otherwise known as the PSP-2000, or the PSP Slim, released on September 6th, 2007, it is 19% thinner and 33% lighter than the original PSP system (reduced from 23 mm to 18.6 mm and from 280 grams (9.87 ounces) to 189 grams (6.66 ounces))

Also, PlayStation (Sony)'s response to Nintendo releasing the Nintendo DS Lite, a lighter version of the Nintendo DS.
Not only is the PSP Lite alot lighter, the screen is brighter and the battery last longer!
by RawrItsPanda October 23, 2009
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