A song written by Billie Joe Armstrong and played by Green Day.
It is a song about how a teenage boy has turned seventeen, who has secrets just like anybody. He is wondering if he should tell people about his secrets. His secrets are possibly concering his sexuality.
He has also found out how to be a man.
Seventeen and coming clean for the first time.

I found what it takes to be a man
by x.GreenDay..love.x May 1, 2008
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The name of an awful song by the gay, untalented singer Hilary Duff. Also used when someone tells the truth about something they've been lying about or wants to keep a secret.
Why don't I come clean? Let me just be honest, dear. I promise not to hide anything.
by Super Tips March 24, 2023
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To be totally honest about something.
Friend #1: "I'mma come clean; I let Shonda with the blonde hair stick her finger in my butt while she was giving me head."

Friend #2: "TMI bro. TMI."
by CL456 February 14, 2017
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A song released in 1994 by a rapper named Jeru the Damaja. This song has one of the greatest beats ever composed for rap music. The beat has which has been widely compared to dripping water and hammers banging on pipes. That, and a scratch of Onyx screaming "Uh-oh! HEADS UP cause we're dropping some shit" It was also laced with tight lyrics by Jeru, a great song on a great album.
One of the greatest rap instrumentals of all time.
by Fantasticababo October 13, 2004
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