A phrase used after someone tells a big event that has happened to them; the person using it uses it to tell the person to remember it. Can be used for good memories and bad memories. Also see "good times."
"In graduation, we caught our teacher masturbating in the hallway away from the rest from the parents."
"Frame it, dude, frame it..."
by Fran H. June 28, 2005
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Getting blamed for something someone else did - Being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
When you walk into the bathroom & it already reeks of rotten eggs from the guy before you, but you have to take a leak pretty bad - so you go. When you're done, you wash your hands and as you're washing your hands (or as you're walking out), someone else walks in, thinking YOU caused the foul odor. You just got framed.
by VinnyL February 21, 2012
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To make a person appear as the perpetrator of a crime that he/she did not commit.
I was framed as the thief of the art borders.
by Diggity Monkeez April 11, 2005
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Frame- a word used in men's community used to describe a man's controlled environment and lifestyle maintained for/by him alone. Staying in your frame facilitates healthy relationships with women because there are clear lines of respect and boundaries that certain lines can't be crossed to continue in the specific frame the relationship exists in.
It is important to maintain your frame in a relationship.

"You moved in with her? Oh man you gave up your frame."
by FedExMan May 9, 2019
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An A-Frame is when three people (usually two guys and a girl) engage in a sexual sort of threesome. Usually the two guys stand facing each other with the girl between them. With the girl still in the middle, she is giving one of the guys head and the other has himself inside of her. They do this at the same time, switching terms and positions. Sometimes the two guys place their hands over there head towards each other (like in an "A" shaped way).
Since I can't really show you a picture of an A-Frame, the definition pretty much sums it all up.
by Jessica Reilly August 28, 2005
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to be set up, where all the blame is pointed at a single person.
to be reaped of all your benefits, and your personal profile used against your will. to be wrongly accused ex, forging. when an individual or individuals decieve you and then intrude into your account and use that to guise themselves with actions that are against your will and type stupid things like wow im crazy, hahahahahahahahahahahahahah idiot.
by thanks for nothing March 26, 2005
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Your frame is your essence. You don’t give it up, it’s your peace of mind. It’s staying courageous through the fears and anxieties. Always maintain your frame. Not to be confused with arrogance or foolish pride, frame is based in humility but not of fear. It’s understanding yourself and what you stand for.
Nervous dudes never maintain frame
by Metaphyziks May 25, 2022
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