a cigar that is made by the Middleton company sold in many flavors: vinnala, chocolate, apple and many others

shortened; a black
yo i just bought me a black from exxon
by SexyOne March 13, 2005
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Middleton's finest tobacco product. A cigar that is convenient in all situations.

Shortened: a blackie
"Dude, where's the blackies, i need a buzz?"
by Jonathan March 14, 2005
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a middleton company plastic filtered cigar commonly refered to as blacks used to obtain a headrush or to boost your high after smoking a blunt or marijuana in simplistic terms. Me and my boys refer to black and milds as whiteheads or tips because of the white pastic tips. DETROIT MY NIGGA!!!
Ayo cuzo go cop a black and mild from the gastation so we can smoke it after we face this blunt cuz.
by Sheef89313 July 9, 2006
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a device used to smoke tabbaci common among girls with the name carly or lauren also can be tied into smoking reefer majy jane or pot.
hey lauren would you like to hit my black and mild.
by chaser1993 March 17, 2011
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A black person who is soft spoken, calm, and you know...not a crazy, jumping up and down, shouting, rapping, crazy black person.
Black and Mild: Hello, sir. How are you today?

Black Person: What you say b? I be crazy whack nigga sup now!

Black and Mild: Um, pardon me?
by Tom Sroka November 2, 2007
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pipe tobacco cigars, me and my boys call 'em blacks. check out blackandmild.com - they got free sh*t
by Dblackone December 23, 2009
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A baby pipe tobacoo cigar that mostly black people smoke. You don't see white people smoke them.
Black man: ayo man you want a black and mild from 7 eleven?

White man: naw just buy me a pack of marlboro reds.

Black man: black and milds are what's up.
by Campkid195 June 18, 2009
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