An older children's tv show. Very similar to Sesame Street, but many have been quoted as refering to it as, "Sesame Street on acid."
Sometimes when I watch Fraggle Rock I can almost hear the colors.
by littlecheese February 22, 2006
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london slang term for the medical wing in prison people who are there are offen given powerful medication which turns them into zombies, they are then refferd to as fraggles
yeah Tom hes a nutter, hes in Fraggle rock, hes well fraggled now.
by grumpyboy September 14, 2005
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a way of saying a cuss word without actually cussing.
you can also use this word by calling someone a frag or a fragmaster.
hey jimmy wait up!" "fraggle rock! keep walking, that kid is such a frag
by meowmeowwow October 30, 2010
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A dance move developed on the West Coast. Involves slouching one's shoulders right over and staring at the ground with a fully bent-forward neck. The dancer steps stiffly to the beat with straight legs, and jingles his/her arms from the shoulder joints down as if loosening them up for exercise. Mostly used at weddings and political rallies.
When the DJ dropped that new Nellie track, the chick I was dancing with broke into the Fraggle Rock. It blew my mind.
by pericranium November 23, 2005
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When a girl is so drunk/coked up that her appearance has declined significantly from earlier in the evening, usually used in a bar/club setting. Refers to hair being messed up to the point of looking like "Fraggle Rock".
"Dude look at Brittany, shes a mess, looking like Fraggle Rock"

"Shes a party girl, always taking shots, in the club drunk looking like fraggle rock" 'Fraggle Rock' by AWOL
by J. Jackson Action April 7, 2011
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a person with extremely messy hair, or someone who looks like a muppet, or just a straight up ugly person.
did u see that midget? what a fraggle-rock.
by Tron Escobar June 11, 2009
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another name for the isle of sheppey in!!
the name comes from a series that the muppets once showed, the occupents of the isle of sheppey (or fraggles) bear a close resembelence to the muppets themselves
if by some unfortunate accident you find yourself stranded on fraggle rock it will become clear that most, if not all, of the fraggles have gills and flippers.
fortunatly however fraggle rock is isolated from mainland england by a narrow two lane, and very ugly, lifting bridge that often prohibits access or exit to the island
non fraggle- "so mister...."
fraggle- "cant membre my name"
non fraggle- "so have you only had one set of grandparents....ever?"
fraggle- "yearh tharts roight"
by mr cheese November 2, 2004
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