1a) noun. a slang term for a fragmentation hand grenade.

2a) verb. "accidently" killing an officer who is incapable of leading troops by dropping a grenade on him.

2b) verb. slang used to describe the act of eliminating an opponent with a fragmentation grenade.

3) verb. slang used by computer game players to describe the act of defeating another player.
1) toss a frag in the fox hole

2a) I heard Lt. Spears was fragged by his own men

2b) Frag them!

3) I fragged JohnnyBGood11 with a rocket
by chenry August 31, 2004
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1. to kill an enemy in a single person shooter computer game.
2. to throw a grenade in your officer's bunker and obliterate your officer.
1. Dude...My frag count just hit 250. Yeah man!! Unreal Tournament RULES!!

2. We don't fight...We frag.
by Frag-a-mamma September 11, 2002
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1. To kill your CO. Popular during the Vietnam War.

2. To kill an enemy in an online FPS, popularized by Doom.

3. Short for fregmentation (grenade) .
1. Man, I heard Captain Afflack was fragged last night.

2. I just fragged 3 enemies with my double SMGs, biotch!

3. Hey, toss me a frag, I'm gonna blow this door down
by Mr. Cynic June 24, 2005
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(v., Viet Nam War) To assassinate one's superior using a grenade, usually for convenience or spite.
It wasn't Charlie who took out our boss. I think some bad apples in the unit just got together and decided to frag the son of a bitch.
by Bill Wright May 10, 2003
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A Transfrormers curse word, meaning "F***!"
"Frag this!" - Rattrap
by Dreadlock February 13, 2008
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1. To kill an enemy in a first person shooter.

2. Short for fragmentation (grenade).
1. Last night I got 200 frags in an hour.

2. Use the frag grenade to kill the guy behind the wall.
by Mahalie April 09, 2005
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Noun; Verb

(N) A small piece of coral that was recently cut from a mother colony of coral.

(V) To cut or slice a living coral polyp/ flesh into two or more pieces, in order to be propagated into a new coral from the now smaller piece or fragment.
1. The frag of green star polyps is adjusting nicely to the new tank.

2. I tried fragging my old hammer coral, but it died because I cut it wrong.
by thedonchild August 24, 2012
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