This is the most certain point of absolute drunkenness, whereby one must be subject the careful touch of a doctor in order to be revived into consciousness, and when the do awaken, they show characteristics as a zombie would produce. When one reaches the point of fraggle rock, one is at the absolute verge of death and probably has alcohol poisioning. Very few brave souls reach this point, and those who do are usually college-aged and will never be able to drink again.
Thomas: Dude, did you hear what happened to Kyle?
Stanley: No man, is he alright?
Thomas: No man, he got fraggle rocked last night.
Stanley: Shit dude, that kid knows how to party!
by Michael Watts May 8, 2006
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A form of intense, uberl33t marajuana, most commonly found priced at $20-$35 at your local street pharmacy.
Man, that fuckin fraggle rock kicked my fuckin ass, i'm still blitzed. I ... Oooooh cookies!
by Ellis D. January 24, 2007
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To birth into the the shape of a Fraggle. When two FUGLY people get together to create the worst creature imaginable that is an actual living breathing monster of a masterpiece that creature produced is called a Fraggle Rock.
The charachter NY on the Flavor of Love series has obviously been a victim of being fraggle rocked. That chic is sooo ugly man that Bitch looks just like a Fraggle Rock.
by dannon December 5, 2006
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A euphemism for "mother-fucking".

Also used as "fraggle-rocker".
by EuphieMissM November 6, 2010
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Surprisingly out of this realm of such sorts.
Kid friendly way with a 80s twist of say no fucking way .... shut the front door

Or a good shag ...

Fraggle Rock an epic 80s TV show you never know what will happen down in fraggle rock
Well Fraggle my rock you don't say. (Mind blown)

After a good shag- you fraggled my rock
by jinxjax January 9, 2020
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