A small hell hole shaped like a turd floating at the bottom of the river thames. At least half of the population call their brother dad and quite possibly uncle at the same time. Foriegners i.e. people who do not live on the Island should be very aware that the life expectancy for foreigners is about 20 minutes this will be drastically reduced should you try to frequent one of the public houses.

A few residents think that the island is somehow Sicily and that they are mafia, but in fact they are just small minded idots, dangerous still but not because they run vast criminal empires but because they fantasise they do.
Foriegner: "Hi im new to the island could you tell me where to find...."

Sheppey Local: "Arhhh yoooo farkin starin at min ya muthers cant!"

Foreigner: "No! Please! Dont I just want..."

Sheppey Local: "I dont give a fark wo u want u dirty f ing carnt"

30 minutes later...

Ambulance arrives, maybe the police if they have the guts and take dead foreigner away to the morgue. There are no witnesses as everyone is scared of the so called sheppey gangstas.
by EscapeeFromHell October 3, 2006
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A disgusting item of food made from left-overs back in the early 1980s by a canteen cook who I can only assume originated from this "island".

Left-over meat that had been rejected for two or more days was wrapped in mashed potato and breadcrumbs, and called a Sheppey.

A mass-protest of the students led to it being taken off the menu eventually :P
I have no photographs of a Sheppey, and wouldn't turn anyone's stomach with them anyway if I did
by sheppey-hater July 4, 2013
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A place where tramps reside. Commonly known by outsiders as 'Isle of Shitty' or 'Tramps Island'. Would not recommend a visit there.
Person 1: Fancy coming down to the Isle of Sheppey tonight?
Person 2: I don't fancy being surrounded by shit and illegal immigrants, thanks.
by sheppeyshit March 3, 2012
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