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One who licks cooch; an individual who partakes in the act of licking a vagina.
That dyke is quite the cooch licker.
by littlecheese October 20, 2005
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An older children's tv show. Very similar to Sesame Street, but many have been quoted as refering to it as, "Sesame Street on acid."
Sometimes when I watch Fraggle Rock I can almost hear the colors.
by littlecheese February 22, 2006
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British cockney slang for a beer.
I took jen to the bar and bought her a pig.
by littlecheese February 22, 2006
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When one is incapable of having sex due to their inability to "get it up" because of heavy alcoholic consumption. Also see whiskey dick.
Diane wanted to fuck, but I couldn't get anything going because I had vodka dick.
by littlecheese December 16, 2005
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