said to somebody walking past a group of teenagers, like in a confrontation.
(little year 9 walks past)
oh yh, keep walking!
by madlad69 July 25, 2018
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A taunt used in, usually after you get a kill or when you win the match
Anthony_Wang: dies
Derek_the_nigga: that's right keep walking
by autisticboi June 3, 2019
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Basically telling someone that pisses you off to go find the the nearest pile of shit , whether that be from a public restroom or a recent pile left from a dog on the sidewalk and eat it. Then, with the foul aroma and disgusting taste still wafting in their mouth, keep walking as though nothing happened
Pedestrian- "Hey! you just ran through that stop sign." Driver - "Eat shit and keep walking!!"
by Sledge October 2, 2021
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