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The four bases in a relationship. They all just happen to start with F.

French, Feel, Finger, Fuck.
We got to third base on the first night!
by Ka June 15, 2004
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1.} French
2.) Feel
3.) Finger
4.) Fuck
Malcom: Dude! Me and Tracey got to the fourth f of the four f's last night!!

Liam: Dudee! You lucky son of a bitch!
by _Catheriinee May 01, 2009
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four F method-find 'em, feel 'em, fuck 'em, and forget about 'em
Man I'm horny, I just wanna fourf every woman on the planet now.
by Blake November 12, 2002
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the Four F's
1)find em
2)flirt with em
3)fuck em
4)forget em
the guys did all four Fs to her and now she's getting talked about.
by RanDomRanSom July 06, 2010
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A guideline for certain male/female relationships. "Find her, feel her, fuck her, forget her." Simple conduct. Very easy to use. Very gratifying.
"Did you 'four f' her?" "Remember to use the 'four f's', children!" "He 'four f'd' her last night."
by Bubba Fuhka November 06, 2005
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