did ya
did you

mostly used by lame ass pricks that wanna look cool over AOL chat or IRC
didja bring meh b33r fuck0?
by hexa December 12, 2003
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1. Hillbilly slang for "did you" that is often used as a short response to pointless statements or ice-breakers that otherwise lead to dead end conversations; used by the speaker as a way to mock the narcissistic SOB that initiated the pointless statement.

2. The slang question word for "did you" in an interrogative sentence used amongst white trash individuals as a way to signify their lower education and lack of pronunciation skills through casual conversation; worn as a badge of honor.

Person 1: I brushed my teeth today

Person 2 : Didja?

Person 3: Didja grab them eggs at the


Person 4: yessum
by Cope-it-up August 9, 2017
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A simple question asking is you had sex with a specified individual.
by 8383838383838383 June 21, 2018
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slang term for the two idealistic white man words would you and did you...
Hey widja or didja bring the crack.
by no your name May 14, 2004
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Two compound words "Widga", "With you" & "Didja", "did you".
Guy 1: You didn't bring your girlfriend widga didja?
by Rock scientist July 24, 2023
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