That diamond is a fougaisie
by Chic November 21, 2003
Fake, Not Real, Not taken seriously, A Joke, A Phony
If you have no geographical relation to your professional team, you're "fougaisie."
by B. Langley December 12, 2005
Someone who gets smacked up fo bein a lil' biotch.
Greg Wheeler is a fougaisie.
by Donald January 8, 2004
A real weak person trying to look like a hard gangsta.
"Hey that kids a fougaisy, he ain't hard."
by Street Binez November 2, 2003
"That's how to show these fougaisies how it's supposed to go." (Young Buc)

Mr. Child from Downey High is the biggest fougaisies that's ever gotten out of dodge. (Inside Joke)
a faggot. a fake bitch tryin 2 act thug.
Ja Rule. Irv Gotti. the whole fukin murder inc.
by mike November 30, 2003
Its italian for fake...fougaisies...sound it out...for gazing!!..just for looking at...its not real...only good for GAZING at...fougaisies
"That diamond is a fougaisies"
by Zac.G November 11, 2006