litterly my name and when I searched it up it was just a bunch of weird shit.
Wow I can't wait to call Downey a fag!
Downey is gay as hell!
Wow Downey sucks ass!
by Downey J. November 22, 2021
The Mexican-Beverly Hills of Los Angeles. It experienced White flight in the 90's and is now populated by mostly Mexicans. The city is divided into 3 sections. North Downey along Florence is the Rich area. The area along the center(Firestone) is okay. The side along Gardedale is Ghetto. The ghetto side borders Paramont (Black town). The Whites that still live in Downey are the ones who couldn't afford to move out to Orange County w/ the other Whites. The Mexicans are mostly middle class. The Mexicans are building taco-mansions (Mexican masions resebling a Taco Bell building)in area along Florence.
Downey was nice until the Whites left.
Downey was nice until the Mexicans moved in.
by oldriverschool August 8, 2007
a person that dosent really have down syndrome but it used to describe the action of a normal person who acts like he has down syndrome
"he just jumped of a bridge! what a downey!"
by yourre Your retarded haa November 4, 2019
A city within California's 562 area, where many old people live. Many believe it to be ghetto, and refer to Downey as D-town. It includes the original Taco Bell and the world's longest-running McDonald's. The Krikorian is the town's only movie theater. Downey's main shopping centers are the Stonewood Mall and the Downey Landing. There is a long-standing rivalry between Downey High School and Warren High School in the town. Downey is surrounded by Bell Gardens, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Bellflower, Paramount, Compton, Lynwood, and Southgate.
The Carpenters and James Hetfield of Metallica came from Downey.

Let's go check out the old cars at the McDonald's in Downey Friday night.

Dude, there's nothing to do here in Downey. Let's go to one of the town's sixteen donut shops.

The Downey-Warren Game is tonight! Let's go give dirty looks to opposing fans at In-n-Out and do it again afterwards at Norms.
by Karina G January 6, 2007
A Downey is a guy who always tattles on people over the littlest things that could get someone in trouble, no one respects them or enjoys there presence.
Guy: Hey I'm going to dress up as Hitler at school tomorrow.
Girl: Be careful, there are a lot of Downeys at our school.
by DowneySucksBalls April 23, 2018
Slang for a person who has Down Syndrome.
But is used when someone does or says something retarded.
Doulan: Says the earth is flat.
Olle: No you fucking Downey.
by walle this is me November 20, 2020
A person with Down Syndrome, especially one you want to hug.
I saw a Downey at the Twins game tonight. He was enjoying a Dome Dog.
by Grundy111 August 15, 2009