to get beat up.

to get slaped.
man the homie got smacked up

they smacked him up good.
by Delfino [YnR] January 18, 2008
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British slang term for drugged/doped up. Term comes from the slang term for heroin that known as smack.
"She looked so smacked up."
by lovepollution April 5, 2010
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"honey, how do i look with this new makeup on?"
"you look smacked-up, ho."
by Angelica August 21, 2003
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to wildly, intensely, and repeatedly smack someone for any reason
“He said no, so he got a good smack up”
by rocky’s chicken shack January 11, 2018
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Previously thought to mean o'clockdirectly, now there are new ideas surfacing that it may well mean Acuna Matata, which we all know means Ohana, which means O'clock, which means Smack It Up.
Person:Boo sad i lost my job/car/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat/blah blah

Other Person:Well im afraid its a case of 90%Smack It Up 10%Get Over It
by Rebecca Brown January 16, 2004
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Colloquial phrase used by residents of Buckinghamshire to indicate when something is 'good'. Not acknowledged by anyone else in the Universe.
Laura (From Buckinghamshire) - This film really smacks it up!
Nick (From Yorkshire) - What the hell are you talking about, Laura?
by Alienratboy March 4, 2008
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1) A presumably advanced sexual technique refined by latter-day philosophers Bell Biv DeVoe (q.v.).

2) Also used as a taunt during competitions after a display of significant success.
1) "Move to the Jacuzzi, ooo, that booty
Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh no!"
~Bell Biv DeVoe

2) Player One: "I can't believe you just ran that 83 yards for a TD! WTF!?"
Player Two spikes ball: "Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, OH NO!"
by RotSman April 20, 2008
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