often used interchangeably with "fart"; an often noisy expulsion of flatus from the anus
He just ripped an enormous fot!
by Synn September 24, 2003
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(n) Festival of Touching

When you attend a party where no one is afraid to touch each other excessively.
Bring your lube, we are attending a fot.
by Joenathan21 October 14, 2009
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One of those hilariously disappointing farts that just sound like you flicked a sprung mattress
Talk about disappointing I was expecting a polar bears growl and just got a fot.
by Rob. Holton June 07, 2013
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'Fucking orange thing'

Used in reference to a ginger haired person

Pronounced fot
"uh-oh look out ben it's a F.O.T"
"ahhhh keep it away it may be contegious"
by Spacecowboy.69 September 20, 2009
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A "fot!" is a short, firm and loud fart, being let go when sat on a chair. Bouncing on the chair, it makes the specific sound, which rhymes with pot, hot, rot, ...
I lifted my left buttcheek and let one go, it sounded like "Fot!"
by Oleandr November 24, 2010
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