descriptive word for an attractive girl who is somewhat overweight
After gaining twenty pounds, Sue went from hot to fot.
by gsp09 November 22, 2011
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(n) Festival of Touching

When you attend a party where no one is afraid to touch each other excessively.
Bring your lube, we are attending a fot.
by Joenathan21 October 15, 2009
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Expression of gaseous bodily emission as described by a person from upper east coast of United States , specifically Boston and Massachussetts region
I had to fot in the harvard yard! What a stinker!
by monkeypuke July 10, 2009
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Originally used in reference to the region between the anus and the genitals (female genitals specifically), more recently used to describe someone who is irritable and difficult.
"You're a fot."
"That bitch is a fot."
"Stop being a fot."
"My girlfriend is on the rag this week. She's being such a fucking fot-ass."
"She won't put out, what a fot."
"That fot-ass punched me in the nuts."
"These are some fotty sausages."
"The back of Duane's head looks like fot-shit-in pant."
by Alex, Andre, Steve V. August 31, 2006
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combination of "fucking" and "hot", used to describe one that is "fucking hot"
John McQuade is fot.
Luis Aguirre is fot.
That boygirl is so fot.
Angelina Jolie is fot.
by Sarah April 26, 2005
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Wigan dialect for to and for.
"I went town fot buy a pie fot dave"

The definition becomes
"Wigan dialect fot fot and fot"
by Jerry_the_worm January 28, 2008
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fart out loud. used to make fun of something
Florence: Hey man I think the new girl is kinda cute...

Adam: FOT
by keishabldwin March 30, 2012
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