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A girls name meaning ‘blossoming/flowering’. It’s is of Latin origin. She is usually a sexy, slim, beautiful girl with dark hair. The name was most popular in the 1800-1900s. She is usually very energetic, weird and can make you smile. She will always be there for you and has a big heart and doesn’t judge people. As she is very kind she struggles to stick up for herself. She has got an attitude and can sometimes over exaggerate things. If something happens she always thinks it her fault and takes the blame. She is a rather pessimistic person and will think on the bad side of things. She is smoking hot and has an angelic feachers. She is thick and rather curvy. She can play many sports and it’s very intelligent. Florence is a great friend to have
Boy1: Have you seen that new sexy new girl
Boy2: Oh that’s Florence
Boy1: I would have guessed coz no one has a more angelic face, yet a kick ass attitude

Boy2: She is an angel yet a devil😈👼🏻
by Llama life December 08, 2018
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The most beautiful name any female can possibly have...
Mum #1
"Ooh. She's adorable. What's her name?"
Mum #2
"I know! She's 6 months now. Her name's Florence."
Mum #1
"I'm not surprised! Suits her perfectly!"
by Cant Touch This X August 30, 2009
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A beautiful girl who is popular pretty and perfect.
She is good at all sports and is the perfect girl for any guy
Guy 1 : whos your girlfriend
Guy 2 : Oh its florence
Guy 1 ; WOAH lucky i really want to date a florene
by FUCKIN ELL December 07, 2015
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An extremely sweet and loving girl. Besides the fact that her extreme beauty and smoking hot body makes all other girls seem mediocre, her humor is the best in the world. She can make tears of laughter roll down any persons face. Her timing is unique and it's almost unbelievable how fast she can come up with a joke. She is extremely loyal and will always stand up for the people she loves, even if they don't deserve it. She is misunderstood a lot of times, but that is her way of protecting herself to make sure you won't get the chance to screw her over. Once you take just a little time to get to know her, you will understand immediately that she is definitely a keeper. Anyone who ever let her go, or mistreated her is the biggest fool in the world and should find the nearest bridge to jump off of (make sure it's a high one). If you'll ever be as lucky to find a Florence in your life, make sure you hold on to her, you'll never regret it!
Person A: I met this girl, she's amazing
Person B: you say that every time...
Person A: Her name is Florence
Person B: Get the fuck outta here! You hit the jackpot!

Kelly: She is so funny, she had me in tears!
Carmen: How does she come up with this shit!
Ines: Pointing out the obvious. She is Florence, she cannot not be funny.
by Memberlove September 29, 2014
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'Florence' is another word for a cigarette lighter of any description. The word is used mainly used by 11 to 15 year old kids that smoke and are trying to stop their parents from finding out. It is used as a code word to disguise the fact that the person talking may need a lighter.

The origin of the word is unclear, but it is thought to have a connection to 'Florence Nightingale' who was famously known to carry a lit lantern with her.
"Ell.. you got a florence?"

"Oh shit! I lost my florence!"

"Hey mate.. you got a florence?..i mean a lighter?"
by The Big Dawg August 09, 2006
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A popular female Italian or French name. Usually named after the beautiful Italian city of Florence. Can also be a surname.

Nicknames include Flossie, Flo, Flo Jo, Flossey, Florentia, Floss or Flors.

The name is becoming increasing popular as a result of popular British music artist, Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine.
Florence is such a beautiful name.

Florence Welch is sooo cool! I would love to have her name.
by Pdizzledotdizzle October 31, 2010
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def 1- a four legged blood sucking beast from the bouwls of hell, who pleasures him self by playing airsoft and watching films such as predator, devil reject, and bulletproof munk the sole reason for aids, cancer, global warming, cold war, eventual armagedon, japanese internment, family lives in the states in a basement locked away

def 2- a black guy that plays for the san diego chargers that sucks
"hey, stop being a florence"

"hey could you quit florencing my mom"

"jimmy stop having sex with florences"

"dont you dare florence on my couch"

"get your florence ass off my florencing couch"

"florence dont you call me a blank rat"

"you little florencing son of a bitch"

"hey florence you black asshole catch the ball"
by jackson hookway April 01, 2007
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