People named Florence are just so funny, they will make you laugh harder than you ever thought. she’s also very smart she does extremely well in lessons but can lack common sense. If you have a friend named Florence you are very lucky, and even luckier to have her as your girlfriend!
Wow your friends with Florence your so lucky
by Bella price November 7, 2019
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The best friend ever. If you find her, be her friend. She will wait for you and be there for you. DON'T MAKE A FLORENCE ANGRY! She WILL get back at you.
"Is that Florence?"

"yeah. I was hungry so she gave me all her food."

"She's so kind."
"I know."
by 1234567890987466897486768776 February 2, 2019
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A girls name meaning ‘blossoming/flowering’. It’s is of Latin origin. She is usually a sexy, slim, beautiful girl with dark hair. The name was most popular in the 1800-1900s. She is usually very energetic, weird and can make you smile. She will always be there for you and has a big heart and doesn’t judge people. As she is very kind she struggles to stick up for herself. She has got an attitude and can sometimes over exaggerate things. If something happens she always thinks it her fault and takes the blame. She is a rather pessimistic person and will think on the bad side of things. She is smoking hot and has an angelic feachers. She is thick and rather curvy. She can play many sports and it’s very intelligent. Florence is a great friend to have
Boy1: Have you seen that new sexy new girl
Boy2: Oh that’s Florence
Boy1: I would have guessed coz no one has a more angelic face, yet a kick ass attitude

Boy2: She is an angel yet a devil😈👼🏻
by Llama life December 8, 2018
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Cute, smart, sporty, pretty, hot, badass, funny, popular, and lots of boys like her.
P1: Florence is so hot
P2: Ikr
by chaddddd543224 October 23, 2018
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shes funny. shes really really funny. she will make you laugh everytime you see her. she will make you wheeze on the floor. and shes not like the person who looks up jokes on the internet and says them the next day she is just naturally funny.
dude #1: bro florence is so funny
dude #2: i know i love hanging out with her
by dailyadviceandfacts November 18, 2020
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The most beautiful name any female can possibly have...
Mum #1
"Ooh. She's adorable. What's her name?"
Mum #2
"I know! She's 6 months now. Her name's Florence."
Mum #1
"I'm not surprised! Suits her perfectly!"
by Cant Touch This X August 30, 2009
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A beautiful girl who is popular pretty and perfect.
She is good at all sports and is the perfect girl for any guy
Guy 1 : whos your girlfriend
Guy 2 : Oh its florence
Guy 1 ; WOAH lucky i really want to date a florene
by FUCKIN ELL October 16, 2015
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