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See "Grade Inflation" Grade Inflation
"Dude, you got an A, too?"

"Yeah, duh, we go to Hahvahd!"
by yale February 09, 2005
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All I know is that if you put this word on your resume, the HR person will get on their knees and suck your dick.
Go to Harvard, son, if you can. It's the door to opportunity, and employers will perform fellatio on you just to hire your magnificent brain.
by garcalej February 11, 2015
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Rural town in Massachusetts that has lots of drug problems and has houses that cost way too much. Has a really good soccer team and really good public education. Rivalry with Littleton kids who think they are better, but allied with Ayer-Shirley. Also called β€œthe Vard”. Was on the news because they had school on Christmas Eve and because they had swastikas spray painted on their rock that is next to the school.
Harvard kids: β€œGet outta the Vard or we’ll key your car”
by soc26 June 23, 2018
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One of the oldest universities in the United States - based in Cambridge/Boston, MA. Harvard is famous for having taught many prominent Americans, and is often considered to be the best, or one of the best, universities in the country.

Often criticized for its elitism, extreme focus on career vs. personal life, old-fashioned/strict approach to education, and creation of large, obnoxious egos. A great school with flaws.
The top student from my school was the only one who got into Harvard.
by CKFun May 22, 2004
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1) An elitist university where one would go to waste "$150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late fees at the public library."

2) The home of athletes who make their opposition feel better about themselves and look especially talented by comparison.

"I just wasted 150,000 dollars last weekend in Vegas!"
"That sucks, but I went to Harvard and it took me four years."


Harvard just played hockey against Cornell.
by D H May 07, 2006
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If you looked this up, its obviously not on your list of college applications.
Fellow Employee: "So hey where'd you graduate from?"

Bob: (arrogant, slightly pompous tone) Harvard.

Fellow Employee: "Woaah...(awed silence)''
by Pooperscooper! November 04, 2009
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