An acronym used for a small red headed individual.

FOT: Fucking Orange Thing
Little FOT was having a wonderful time playing in the shade when the other kids were sun baking. Poor little FOT
by JM43 January 02, 2016
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Fucking Orange Thing.
As in, those with orange hair, gingas, rangas etc etc.
Oh yeah, he was a bit of a fot.
by Madiskee March 22, 2008
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FOT- Fit But Not
A term used to describe head turning women who do not hold the gaze of single-and-looking blokes. Often a woman who is FOT has a combination of bad face/body and good body/face, she is fit i.e. good looking/shaggable but not. FOT.

Also see:
'she is fot'
'you twot'
'you're a wankot'
by Ruben June 07, 2003
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n. Perineum. The region between one's anus and one's genitals.
"If you lick her fot
she'll love you lots."

by Murph February 19, 2004
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Friend of Tung. Someone especially favoured by the leader of Hong Kong, who is very successful in local business.
by logix March 09, 2004
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75% of a foot. Often used to describe someone who has lost part of their foot due to some sort of accident.
Who ate daz fot? Misha ate daz fot.
by mishaatedazfot February 08, 2009
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