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Usually abbreviated mass since nobody knows how to spell it. Capital is Boston. Home to the great colleges of B.U B.C (yes they are different), Harvard, Tufts, Merrimack, UMASS(Amherst, Salem, Lowell, Boston) and lots more.

Sport teams: Boston Red Sox (who's fans hate the Yankees), New England Patriots, Bruins, Celtics

Many people have the boston accent. The boston accent is the hardest to imitate since not many people know when to drop r's or add an r, but everybody knows the saying" Pahk the cah in havahd yahd". If you are not from boston, you will most likely not understand this accent. The word wicked is used alot. Means very.

Massachussets does allow gay marriage and the drivers usually can't drive/are totally lost/go really slow and yell at you for going the speed limit or have insane road rage/love to speed and flip you off for no reason.

Has muggy hot summers, wicked cold winters, and chilly spring/fall. Sometimes the weather gets all messed up and its hot during winter and snowing in the summer (yes that actually happened once). Has beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, fields, Six Flags, and other amazing stuff.
I went into boston with out of state friends and they couldn't understand what anybody was saying, were always being yelled at on the road for going the speed limit, saw somebody being yelled at for loving the Yankees.
Massachussetts is fucking insane.
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