aussie: these bladdy-ring-tiddlin americans think that we all drink fosters...

american: stop destroyin our stereotypes, we own the
by kronky November 9, 2007
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the act of breaking, butchering, or fucking something up that was perfectly fine for no reason other than personal satisfaction
Damn, you sure did fosterize that welcome mat Patrick!
Did you see the way he fosterized that car?
by Wiggly 1 March 20, 2013
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When you simp so hard, you can't end a platonic friendship with your crush.
"I thought Francesca didn't want to be friends with Jacob anymore"
"Nah bro, hes fostering so hard she forgave him"
by Ben Benkins February 6, 2020
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Acting on an opinion or judgment hastily and without properly analyzing whether these actions would cause one’s self or others great stress or aggravation.
I was all alone in that laneway, I approached this guy by myself and really FOSTERED everything up for myself and the other guys on my team.
by Flashy33 September 23, 2020
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A process of eliminating someone that is a political liability, by murdering them, or arranging their death somehow. Named after Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel during the first term of President Bill Clinton; Foster died suspiciously in office, July 20, 1993.
If Sandy Berger ever turns state's evidence in the case of his theft of documents from the Federal Archive, he may have to be Fosterized.
by Slickwillie March 3, 2007
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Similar to being tom sawyered. Being suckered into doing something which you originally thought was fun, only to turn out that what you are doing is indeed not fun.
"Come on, lets go chasing tornadoes. It'll be fun."

"No the last time you fostered me into chasing tornadoes I ended up in a mexican prison with a guy giving me a dirty sanchez."
by pylorns February 20, 2008
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What the yanks reckon Aussies drink, also what they think we call beer. We have a totally different word for that though.. We call it... wait for it... "beer".
Fosters sucks, you'll be hard stretched finding a fosters in any real watering hole.
If you want fosters in Australia, go to some yuppie terrorist(tourist) bar in a CBD.
"Did you piss in my stubbie??"

Nah, it's a Fosters.

by Anonymous September 27, 2003
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