when a woman is gang raped on a pinball machine a la jodie foster in 'the accused'.
i got so drunk last night i barely remember getting fostered before i left the bar.
by tayintheway January 15, 2011
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an absolutley chill and perfect guy with bright blue eyes and has a hipster side. wheels girls in but plays hard to get and makes all females fall madly over him not on purpose. beach bum with straggley hair and glasses. knows what girl he wants but plays with her heart.
foster iskicking incredibly dope shit
by beach hipster January 19, 2011
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"Wow, I completely forgot what an asshole move that was he just made, he somehow fosterized me into thinking it was all my fault."
by CaAaAro0o0o0llL November 14, 2007
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In regards to Foster. Getting so wasted that you are running into doors. Hitting the walls. Making flat-on-your-face falls into coffee tables. When this is the case you've pulled a Foster! Congratulations you are now completely inebriated and possibly a borderline alchoholic!
"Wow Foster you look pretty fostered, and I am almost certain you just pulled a foster!"

*falls down and hits coffee table*

"Yep..that was definitely a foster!"
by Captain Obviousssss February 11, 2006
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An Australian beer that is brewed in Australia but drank in England.

No self respecting Australian would touch the stuff.
We export Fosters, we do NOT intake it. *shudder*
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
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if a red flag was a person🚩🚩
Ew you see that kid he is deffo a foster
Yuh is such a red flag🚩🚩
by Amongusissus6969 April 20, 2022
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Man 1: This bar smells like Kangaroo piss!
Man 2: I guess they serve Foster's.
by Moses1988 June 8, 2006
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