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Laying one's manhood across the upper lip of another.
I flopped my dork over his upper lip, giving him a sausage-moustache, a dirty little manuever I like to call "The Nasty Adolf."

hat tip to ace.mu.nu
by pylorns May 27, 2004

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The time of day when work is over and its time to put a beer in your hand.
What time is it? I don't know but its beer:30 somewhere. (similar to margaritaville thought process)
by pylorns May 30, 2008

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Similar to being tom sawyered. Being suckered into doing something which you originally thought was fun, only to turn out that what you are doing is indeed not fun.
"Come on, lets go chasing tornadoes. It'll be fun."

"No the last time you fostered me into chasing tornadoes I ended up in a mexican prison with a guy giving me a dirty sanchez."
by pylorns February 20, 2008

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The act of jizzing on a waffle and then making someone eat it.
I felt frisky in the morning so to get back at Jim I did some waffling.
by pylorns August 30, 2004

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n. A child of an attractive woman. To a man, an object of conquest. Other Spellings include trophie, tr0fee.
Look at Jim, smiling with his trophies and that hot wife.
by pylorns October 03, 2003

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A gay friend; a friend who likes the sploodge.
Mike and Chance are good chums. They like to knob slob.
by pylorns January 27, 2004

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