What the world thinks is Australian for beer. Nobody in Oz actually drinks the stuff..
by Anonymous July 9, 2003
A beer that is apparently popular in Australian culture according to The Simpsons or any other ill-refernced material.
(watching Simpson episode entitled 'Bart Vs. Australia')
Dave: "dude, wat the fuck is Fosters?"
Ed: "some piss-water at the bottom of the fridge stack at the bottleo"
Dave: "Never heard of it"
by gowie October 28, 2007
AKA skippys piss.Cheep lager that is a triumph of marketing over taste like so many;eg stella(worse than),carling(better than)heineken(same page)
fosters ? what else have you got?
by toymi69 May 30, 2008
A word becoming well known as a safe word during sex in BSDM.
daz says "if this is too rough just say fosters"
daz says "didn't quite hear what you said there, oh well"
by hopskotch September 12, 2006
fucking neeeeeeeectar lager, despite wot all these tools say...
im a tool; i dont like fosters...
by jimbo deeny August 1, 2004