Ford Focus - One of the best handling hatches ever made, thnaks to the independent rear suspension. It completely makes up for the fucktard ford escort, which was practicaly a Ford piece of shit, the bare minimum plus 10% added on. The focus revolutionized the hatch market, by being affordable, well engineered, and nicely styled. Except for the US and Russian built ones, the quality is pretty good. Unfortunatly, Ford bean counters never allowed the bonkers Focus RS version to be ever made. Beats the hell out of all but the Alfa 147. Better than the bloated MkV Golf.
Wow, the Ford Focus beat a 100,000 (pounds sterling) Merc Sl 55 AMG in the slalom, in an Evo magazine test.
by E. Y. December 1, 2005
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a very attractive male who is also very sweet and who handles himself very well. also rides very smoothly ;) from time to time can be a bit of a setback not having some bigger and better qualities other guys have. overall pretty perfect though
person 1: i just started dating a ford focus :)
person 2: i'm so jealous they are so hard to find
by FordFocusLover December 16, 2010
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The rich mans FORD. Either bought from familys or youngsters that feel too old.
The only decent Ford ever made in the UK
by Tom March 31, 2004
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the second worst car ever made. only does the dodge neon sink lower on the scale of fuckbag automobiles than the ford focus.
5) a broken down school bus
4) a dodge neon with shit all over it (the shit improves it's overall value)
3) a 1700's mini van that has killed thousands of people
2) a ford focus
guy 1: wow that guy drives a stock dodge neon, should I shoot him?
guy 2: it's not stock it has import taillights, no you shouldn't shoot him.
guy 1: you're right he needs to be tortured before he is killed
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
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A slang term for a bad car. Usually a car that has been in a serious accident, or a car that will not work any longer.
Wow, you really do have one hell of a Ford Focus! Man that should be about 20,000 dollars worth of repairs.
by Brian November 5, 2003
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A compact car built by the Ford Motor Company. Handles well, performs decently... don't get me wrong, its a pretty good car...

THAT'S UGLY AS FUCK, especially the hatchback version.

Usually driven by good ol' boys who can't afford gas and maintinance for their muscle cars or pickup trucks, but will not buy an imported compact.

Some say lesbians drive Focuses as well(however they prefer subaru station wagons more).
I saw a ford focus at an auto show when they first came out. Cheap korean made engine covered in alumunium foil. I'm pretty sure they arent made that way anymore...
by gooberliberation January 12, 2006
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