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Something that the world needs that's decades overdue and would be fucking awesome should it ever happen...but probably wont due various reasons. Examples include:

1. DUH! Democracy in Red China. Every time they seem to make progress, shit like big mama(commie internet censorship system) and tienamen square happen.

2. That one Eponymous Guns N' Roses album that Axl has been working on for like twenty years.

In hindsight, probably the absolute most (unintentionally?) genius album title ever.
What do ya figure will happen first? Actual chinese democracy or a new GNR album?
by gooberliberation September 8, 2006
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Literally "storm bird" in Russian. Short for Bronirovannyi Shturmovik(Armored Attack Aircraft: storm bird).

"Shturmovik" is a generic term for heavily-armored attack aircraft in Soviet service. The most famous of which is the legendary Ilyushin Il-2, a flying tank from WW2.

Although the Soviets pioneered the concept of armored anti-tank aircraft, Sturmovik development fizzled out for most of the cold war, when they focused on fast fighter-bombers like the MiG-27. Eventually, the concept was reborn when the Sukhoi Su-25 entered service in the 1980s.
Examples of shturmovik-type aircraft
Ilyushin Il-2
Sukhoi Su-2

Although not Russian of origin:
A-10 warthog
Henschel Hs 129
by gooberliberation April 17, 2006
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A compact car built by the Ford Motor Company. Handles well, performs decently... don't get me wrong, its a pretty good car...

THAT'S UGLY AS FUCK, especially the hatchback version.

Usually driven by good ol' boys who can't afford gas and maintinance for their muscle cars or pickup trucks, but will not buy an imported compact.

Some say lesbians drive Focuses as well(however they prefer subaru station wagons more).
I saw a ford focus at an auto show when they first came out. Cheap korean made engine covered in alumunium foil. I'm pretty sure they arent made that way anymore...
by gooberliberation January 12, 2006
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A mixed drink consisting of Smirnoff twisted or similar mild malt beverage mixed with freshly cut watermelon juice. Named after a treehugger who suggested the mixture to remedy the nasty flavor of Black Cherry Smirnoff.

Serve on ice.
Fizzy Karens are not only perfect for lightweights because of the flavor and low alcohol content, but theyre also PIIIINK!!!!
by gooberliberation July 23, 2006
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Sukhoi OKB is a Russian aircraft design bureau-turned corporation based in Moscow. It was started in 1939 by Pavel Sukhoi, but didnt really make a mark until the cold war. Up until the 1970s, most sukhoi aircraft were ugly as hell and unremarkable performers that were also cheap, easy to maintain, and pretty rugged. Currently Sukhoi pretty much dominates the Russian Fighter craft industry, with their Su-27"Flanker" and all its countless derivatives. It also helps that Sukhoi corp has pretty heavy political connections. Theyre expected to produce a new fighter called the PAK-FA for Russia and India in the next few years.
Sukhoi aircraft include the
Su-7 Fitter
Su-24 Fencer
Su-25 Frogfoot
Su-27 Flanker
Su-37 Terminator
Su-47 Berkut
by gooberliberation January 1, 2006
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Phonetic Alphabet for "EB." Can be applied to any EB acronym, but usually means Ebay
by gooberliberation January 30, 2006
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A brand of sneaker with a removable slick plastic plate in the soles, under the arch of the foot. The plate enabled the wearer to grind on rails and edges without the aid of skates or a board. Style-wise, they tended to be pretty chunky looking, similar to skate shoes, but were probably not as comfortible. They were cool for only a few months in 1998-99, but were popular enough to cause concern among parents and schools. Succeeded by Heelys a couple years later, which had heel-mounted weels and were uglier and even less comfortible. Soaps is now a defunct maker.
Haha, my cousin saved up for a vintage pair of Soaps and broke his jaw the first week after he got 'em!
by gooberliberation January 5, 2006
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