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Something that the world needs that's decades overdue and would be fucking awesome should it ever happen...but probably wont due various reasons. Examples include:

1. DUH! Democracy in Red China. Every time they seem to make progress, shit like big mama(commie internet censorship system) and tienamen square happen.

2. That one Eponymous Guns N' Roses album that Axl has been working on for like twenty years.

In hindsight, probably the absolute most (unintentionally?) genius album title ever.
What do ya figure will happen first? Actual chinese democracy or a new GNR album?
by gooberliberation September 8, 2006
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The only place where you can find oscilloscopes, motherboards, model airplanes, beef jerky, and hardcore pornography dvds all under the same roof.

Where nerds and masochists go on friday nights. Good luck dealing with customer service.
I went to Fry's Electronics yesterday and scored a new stereo for my car, a wireless router, a lego set, gummy worms, and a dvd of backdoor cowboys #17.
by gooberliberation March 4, 2006
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AKA The Diplomats.

Its what happens when crack babies and ritalin children grow up.
"Mom? Can I grow up to be a rapper?"
'No, Billy, because you don't know how to rhyme.'
"Oh mom! Don't be silly! I can just be like dipset."
by gooberliberation April 20, 2006
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Want to see something fun? Diss the Ipod in front of an Apple Computers employee. They'll react like you just slapped their mom and tell you(in a whiny butthurt tone) to quit complaining and send your concerns to apple's customer service. Good lord, its just a fucking mp3 player! All electronics have their ups and downs and goddamnit we have a godgiven right to complain about the technical issues of them. I guess if you jab at any apple product's flaws, the brainwashed facade starts to crumble and i-cultists will stop at nothing to keep the delusion alive.
I worked for Bose, and sold iPods. We wanted to put some mp3s on the display model so customers could try it out... and it crashed every PC it was hooked up to. While complaining amongst ourselves, an Apple store worker happened by and took things a bit personal.
by gooberliberation January 1, 2006
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A compact car built by the Ford Motor Company. Handles well, performs decently... don't get me wrong, its a pretty good car...

THAT'S UGLY AS FUCK, especially the hatchback version.

Usually driven by good ol' boys who can't afford gas and maintinance for their muscle cars or pickup trucks, but will not buy an imported compact.

Some say lesbians drive Focuses as well(however they prefer subaru station wagons more).
I saw a ford focus at an auto show when they first came out. Cheap korean made engine covered in alumunium foil. I'm pretty sure they arent made that way anymore...
by gooberliberation January 12, 2006
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The dumbest fucking drug-related euphemism ever invented. It sounds pussy and scatterbrained, but hey, it is MDMA we're dealing with here.
What the fuck does thizz mean?!

Oh, you mean to say rollin??
by gooberliberation March 5, 2006
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Airbus Industrie is a company that makes airliners and (mostly) civil cargo planes. Most notable for making the A380, the largest production airliner as of 2005. Airbus components are often made in seperate countries hundreds of miles apart and pieces must be flown in to an assembly plant. New airbuses are chock full of modern gadgets such as glass cockpits, joystick controls, and composite materials. Boeing is Airbus's primary competitor.

Airbus is purportedly an icon of international participation but is really a french company with subsidiaries around the european union. It's popular with bean counters, passengers and francophiles, but unpopular with many maintinance crews, pilots, "purists," and francophobes. The jury is still out on long-term engineering quality, but in any case, their airliners don't quite have the character of Boeings.
Airbus A330
A400M(millitary freighter)
by gooberliberation January 1, 2006
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