Savior, Jesus who saved you from your sins
Besides the Lord there is no Saviour.
Believe in all your heart in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour
Surrender to Jesus your Saviour and Lord in all His splendour.
Surpass power, be empowered by your Saviour.
Advance quickly, towards your Saviour.
Develop appreciation for your Saviour.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
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saviour can also be a name and also has a great definition.Saviour is an outgoing person and has a great personality,they are really comforting but when you get them mad or annoyed they can be really emotional.
If you were to get into an argument with someone Saviour have your back.
If you called Saviour a waste of time then they'd be really angry and emotional.
by crispy nugget June 16, 2020
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The hero (or herione) of a story.
The knight in shining armor was the princess' saviour.
by Sonikkun the Blaze September 10, 2007
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The white saviour is a white person who degrades their own race for validation from people of colour or to tame their white guilt. They’ll often make fun of white people and get offended on behalf of another race. The white saviour will often go out of their way to shame people of colour who disagree with their narrative by calling them white washed and an embarrassment to their race despite them not being apart of that race. They often try to speak on behalf of other minorities.
Guy: It was a joke?
POC: I wasn’t offended

White Saviour: You’re such an embarrassment to your community. Such a pick me. White washed!
by PerthDictionary February 1, 2021
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The Saviour of Gaming is Hidetaka Miyazaki. He earned this title after revolutionising gaming with his Souls series, redefinining the expectations and standards of the most enthusiasts of gamers. Hidetaka Miyazaki was once an unambitious man, working a job he never wanted until the day his college friend made him play Ico (2001). Upon playing the game, the saviour of gaming experience an epiphany, causing him to quit his job to become a developer at FromSoftware. He quickly escalated the hierarchical ladder, becoming the President of the company with his innovative and bold ideas. He's the legend behind Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne and the upcoming Elden Ring.
"It needs to play well, I'm willing to sacrifice the feeling of reality in order to achieve that stronger, tighter gameplay" - The Saviour of Gaming, Hidetaka Miyazaki
by SoulsCirclejerk December 29, 2021
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When one has a horrificaly messy shit and realises there is no paper, hearby using a paper-saviour to clean themselves up - eg, old train tickets, pages from a book, £10 bills. Not to be confused with paper-saver.
"The night was dark, cold and remote. I had been in this toilet for six minutes now, wondering how I could get myself out of the shitty mess I had made of my arsehole. Then I seen it. A paper-saviour in the form of an old sock, disguarded like it had no purpous on Earth anymore. 'Well it would have one more use now' I thought as I wiped away smiling."
by Martin Hunter April 22, 2006
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